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Technical Document Samples

Here you will find a diverse sampling of some of the technical documents I have produced throughout my IT career. Some of these documents were created as part of a larger requirements-gathering project.

PDF file icon Created in Visio and saved in PDF format, this UML Sequence Diagram presents the calling sequence for inbound calls to a call center.
GIF image icon This Flow Diagram describes the basic steps for migrating legacy data into a new Java/Oracle application.
PDF file icon This Installation Guide provides details for installing a suite of client/server applications on a Windows/SQL platform.This single-author document applies Information Mapping™, The Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications, and a corporste style guide.
GIF image icon Created in Visio for the Installation Guide (above), this Diagram demonstrates two- and three-tier configuration options for installing a client/server supply management system on a Windows/SQL platform.
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